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July 9th 2017: Broken Sewer Pipe Rendering From Scratch

We needed a good 3D rendering or graphical representation of a broken sewer pipe embedded in roots with a new pipe showing through the old pipe to illustrate Perma-Liner's pipelining system. We decided to create it from scratch. We used a blend of SketchUp, VRAY and Photoshop CS6 to achieve the final result. We took a screencast of the work and sped it up so you could see the creative process. If you need a rendering created, reach out to us. We will take a look.

rendering services in tampa

This is the final rendering we used for the production run of the graphic.

rendering services in tampa
rendering services in tampa
rendering services in tampa

July 7th 2017: Perma-Liner 3D Logo In Sketchup

May 11th 2017: Property PreQual Production Videos

In April of 2017 the Property PreQual program was born. This is a product offered by BABA (Become A Better Agent LLC.) and we were at the forefront of crating not only the Online infrastructure to include the website, and Facebook page but also the videos that explain what the Property PreQual is and how it can help real estate agents and home buyers. This video is the high-level overview of what can be expected. We shot this in a beautiful home in Tampa Bay. This was shot using a Canon 70D and a Canon 5DM3 DSLR setup. Editing was done in Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

This is another video we created with Tiffany Obenreder of State Insurance. She is explaining to potential customers the insurance-side of the Property PreQual program.

April 13th 2017: The Dynamic Drain Technologies Web Revamp

This was one of our largest scale projects for the first quarter of 2017. We were hired by Dynamic Drain Technologies who operates primarily in Washington DC, North and South Carolina and Maryland to rebuild their Online presence into a more modernized and robust informal layout. We delivered an awesome website and four web blogs that we are utilizing as web 2.0 tools to assist in search engine optimization and to provide a job roll to future clients.

Web Design For Dynamic Drain Technologies Home Page
Web Design For Dynamic Drain Technologies Sub Page
Web Design For Dynamic Drain Technologies Contact Page

July 1st 2016: Donating our services to Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue

Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue (PPPR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit pet rescue that caters to saving old, sick and handicapped dogs that other rescues simply will not consider rescuing. ArchiFX reached out to Jamie McKnight, the Founder of PPPR, to express our support for her amazing organization and together we collaborated on filming PPPR’s sparkly float in the St. Pete Pride parade! We think the result is a wonderful representation of a rescue that does incredible work in the community. PPPR is truly one of a kind and we urge you to support them and check out the video! Even a small donation helps PPPR save more lives, so please donate here if you can!

June 20th 2016: In office remote video shoot for promotion of website

Video Editing

Golf View Realty Property Management hired Archi FX to provide a vast variety of corporate video services on an ongoing basis. The objective of these videos is to provide Golf View’s current and prospective clients with a wealth of knowledge around their wide array of services. Jerry and the team are highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable. We look forward to a long lasting professional relationship with them! They’re truly a qualified Property Management company.

Logo for golf view

June 3rd 2016: In office remote video shoot for promotion of website

Our long time client Tampa Bay Plumbers needed a great intro commercial video shot for the home page of their website. We wanted to keep it short but still cover the boast scope of services they offer. The video is shot on a white chroma key background. We then edit the video in post to add all of the info graphics specifically tailored to the content discussed in the video. We think it came out great. These types of videos are a must-have for any website looking to promote goods or services.

Video Editing
Photos of the day

June 2nd 2016: Our Creative Design Process for the Perfect Pets Website

We are currently working with an exceptional client called "Perfect Pets" who had a great vision for their company. They trusted us to make their vision come to life with their website. Our first attempt was great but it was not what they were looking for. The photos below show the actual hand drawing wire-frame of the website per our conversation and the live Photoshop Renderings of the concept. Our client is now thrilled with the way the design is coming along and we are super happy to please them even though it was our second attempt ;)

Web Design Mockup Process
MuscleHound Apparel
MuscleHound Apparel

March 8th 2016: A little photography & video for a great start-up

MuscleHound is a small local t-shirt screen printing business that pays extra attention to detail. Their designs are all unique and they also do a lot of printing for our four legged friends. They needed a short promotional video and some photography services for an upcoming event and we were more than happy to provide these services for them. We also created their super cool website Check them out and order a shirt!

MuscleHound Apparel
Muscle Hound Tampa Web Design
Muscle Hound Tampa Web Design

November 15th 2015: Barns And Beer Festival at Old McMickeys Farm

On Friday, November 13th 2015 we had the pleasure to photograph the "Barns & Beer Festival" at Old McMickeys Farm in Tampa. We had a great time and snapped some great shots of the event. We also flew the drone 3 different times during the event to capture the crowd, farm, and the atmosphere. The footage will be uploaded soon and photos will be delivered to the management team by Wednesday. If you have an upcoming event and would like to capture those special moments, contact us!

Archi FX Tampa Photo Team at an event
Archi FX Drone in action
Archi FX Tampa Photo Team at an event Archi FX Tampa Photo Team at an event
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